Design and demand for cellphones, mobile phones in future

stolen samsung galaxy grand
Stolen Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone, used to indicate future demand and design for cellphones

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In 2016, mobile phones are the most popular electronic gadgets being used, however there is likely to be a major change in the way mobile phones are likely to be used in the future based on observed usage patterns. A vast majority of the mobile or cellphone users are only using the mobile phone for receiving and sending smses, making and receiving phone calls. Many of the younger cellphone users are using their mobile phones for accessing the internet, and these are the major users of smartphones. These smartphones are usually purchased online from popular portals which offer the latest models at low prices.

As a google official observed, in India the usage of smartphones is likely to be limited, because only a limited number of people can afford to purchase these mobile phones which are fairly expensive. Only those working in large companies are getting a good salary or earning well, can afford to purchase the expensive smartphones which usually cost $100 or more.Most people like broke domain investors subjected to impersonation frauds by google, tata can only afford the cheapest mobile phone available in the market, with the limited funds they have access to

Another major disadvantage of using smartphones is that they are easily hacked and a target for thieves. At most telecom providers, there are customers who are complaining that their balance has got over within a few days, though they did not using for making phone calls or smses. The staff at the telecom provider will tell them that the app which was preinstalled on their smartphone is using up the balance on their mobile prepaid card due to data transfer, and they cannot do anything about it. Either the smartphone user removes all the apps on the smartphone, or using a phone with no internet access.

Since the smartphones are expensive, specialized mobile thieves will target the smartphone for theft. Small business owners and professionals are mainly targetted for mobile phone theft , as their mobile phones are not only expensive, they also contain a lot of valuable business data which can be sold to competitors and others. The smartphone user has to be careful to prevent theft, they cannot even keep the smartphone for charging when they are out of the room. There are many instances when the smartphone was kept for charging at a shared office, and it disappeared. The mobile thieves are extremely smart, they do not activate the mobile phone that has been stolen, use the spare parts. In some cases, like the samsung galaxy grand displayed above, the stolen phone was used for an impersonation fraud and the thief got a lucrative R&AW job with fake resume, fake investment.

Though there are cheaper models of smartphones available, they are difficult to use compared to more expensive models like the Apple Iphone, Sony, Samsung smartphones. For example the touchscreen of one of the cheapest models of smartphones available in India does not work properly, it will take a longer time to open a sms or make any phone calls on the smartphone. It appears that there is a major flaw in all android based smartphones and tablets, they are hacked repeatedly and there is no way to end the hacking. For example one android tablet is giving the message "google search is not working" repeatedly and the message makes it extremely difficult to use the android tablet.

So though there are many more new models of smartphones available, only young salaried individuals and others who are getting a good salary or making plenty of money, can afford to purchase these expensive smartphones as they have enough disposable income. For a vast majority of indian citizens, a basic mobile phone which allows them to receive and send smses, make and receive phone calls, is adequate. Many business owners and professionals refuse to change their mobile phone, as they find it time consuming to adjust to the new model, and find it difficult to access the old data which is important to them

As a result, there is an increased demand for refurbished cell phones. Today almost no mobile store is stocking Nokia phones because Nokia was taken over by Microsoft. However many people who were using Nokia mobile phones still prefer to use the phones as they were well designed and fairly reliable compared to android phones which are repeatedly hacked. In marketplaces like Ebay, there are some sellers listing refurbished Nokia mobile phones for sale, indicating that there is some demand for old Nokia phone models

Though mobile phones were introduced only a few decades ago, it has become mandatory to own a mobile phone for many transactions. For example banks are sending notifications to mobile phone number. Also for making any kind of online payment using a credit card, the OTP password is sent to the mobile number. So though a person may or may not use the mobile phone for smses, phone calls, they are forced to use the mobile phone if they wish to make any online payment using their credit card

So in future cellphones in India will be classified into smartphones for salaried and well connected people, as their cellphones will not get hacked, and basic cellphone models for others for making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving smses. There is a some demand for well designed basic cellphone models, with a qwerty keyboard, which are not easily hacked remotely

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Diversion and theft of phone calls, smses by indian intelligence employees are faking their resume, investment especially engineering degrees, is one of the biggest frauds in India at present which the indian media refuses to report and can affect the demand for cellphones in future:
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- lack of transparency in indian intelligence agencies
- engineers find their smses, phone calls, diverted to frauds who are impersonating them,so mobile phone communication is not reliable
- poor social status of engineers
- lack of honesty and ethics in Indian society
- lack of scientific temper
- lack of patriotism
- lack of political will against corruption, in china officials face action for trading sex for power and money, in India no action is taken
- no system for reporting corrupt intelligence, ntro officials giving fake references of engineering degrees to their sex partners, girlfriends at the expense of their engineering classmate who they hate

When indian intelligence agencies are diverting and stealing smses of indian citizens to the friends and relatives of top offficials without a court order, the victim realizes that mobile/cell phone communication is not reliable, and will not invest much money in purchasing expensive mobile phones.
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