Cheap smartphone problems

Though there are cheaper models of smartphones available, they are difficult to use compared to more expensive models like the Apple Iphone, Sony, Samsung smartphones. For example the touchscreen of one of the cheapest models of smartphones available in India does not work properly, it will take a longer time to open a sms or make any phone calls on the smartphone compared to a basic phone model

It appears that there is a major flaw in all android based smartphones and tablets, they are hacked repeatedly and there is no way to end the hacking. For example one android tablet is giving the message “google search is not working” repeatedly and the message makes it extremely difficult to use the android tablet.

So though there are many more new models of smartphones available, only young salaried individuals and others who are getting a good salary or making plenty of money, can afford to purchase these expensive smartphones as they have enough disposable income.

For a vast majority of indian citizens, a basic mobile phone which allows them to receive and send smses, make and receive phone calls, is adequate. Many business owners and professionals refuse to change their mobile phone, as they find it time consuming to adjust to the new model, and find it difficult to access the old data which is important to them

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