Political parties making a mistake ignoring tampering of cellphones/mobile phones

Indian political parties continue to ignore the complaints of domain investors regarding tampering of mobile phones, incoming and outgoing phone calls by NTRO, not realizing that it could be very dangerous for them. For example in Goa, BJP was saying that congress was slow in forming a government after the election results were announced .
However according to one media report, the congress tried to contact GFP leader on his mobile phone on 12 March 2017, for government formation, and could not contact him because his mobile phone suddenly became unreachable. Allegedly NTRO may have blocked or diverted all phone calls to the GFP leader, making it impossible for the congress leaders to contact him.

So though there is a tendency to ignore indian citizens who complain about phone call,sms diversion, political parties and the media are slow to realize that NTRO can cause them very great harm, especially if the party is not in power . NTRO can hold any indian citizen(like this domain investor) , a virtual prisoner , make it impossible for anyone to contact , steal leads and orders , and cannot be held accountable.