Nokia 3310, devika chitnis, Gadgets 360 and goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan

Watching Devika Chitnis talk about the Nokia 3310 on on NDTV 24X 7, a domain investor noticed that she had a striking resemblance to the slim google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, who is getting a monthly R&AW salary, only because the powerful fraud NTRO employees having sex with R&AW employee sunaina are falsely claiming that the sex worker owns this and other websites of a google competitor, as part of the tata masterminded sex trade.
It highlights the rampant sexual exploitation of women in indian internet sector, though google, tata’s favorite goan sex worker R&AW employee sunaina has never invested a single penny or paisa in domain names and never done any work online in her life, and is least interested in doing so, NTRO employees are free to falsely claim that any google, tata supplied sex worker or fraud, owns the domain names of a google competitor to get the sex worker, fraud permanent R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary, pension and great powers
Why is ntro refusing to acknowledge the domain investment of the google competitor and falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored sex workers and fraud indian intelligence employees own the domain names including this one

Smartphone manufacturers promoting phones before release

It is observed that smartphone manufacturers are advertising their smartphones like Vivo, Honor, Redmi extensively on television channels and newspapers, especially English news channels. The advertisements are often featuring celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, foreign models and appear to have a large advertising budget. While the advertisements are good for brand building and promoting the smartphone, it would be interesting to know the increase in sales due to smartphone advertising on television channels .
In some cases, the smartphone is advertised extensively even before it is released in the market, so that the phone is prebooked.
Most of these phones are very expensive, and it would be interesting to find out how many people
prebook these smartphones in India
how often they change their smartphone.
whether they purchase the smartphone online or offline.
whether they pay in EMIs
how reliable these smartphones are

Wasted mobile advertising on english language news channels

The mobile manufacturers are wasting their money advertising on english news channels as the same ad is shown repeatedly thrice or four times in an hour, which prospective buyers have already watched
Most of the high end mobiles are very expensive, costing Rs 50000 or more which most of the viewers cannot afford especially when the indian government has sold domain investors as slaves to corporates like google, tata , making the domain investor work as slaves for google, tata to increase their profit, without getting any compensation. The domain investor also to work hard and pay for the goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi supplied by google, tata to sex starved ntro, cbi, indian intelligence, security agencies
The mobile advertisements are a waste of the advertisers money and the tv viewers time

Mobile phone shuts down automatically due to NTRO hacking

In an indication of ntro hacking of phones of harmless domain investor a blackberry mobile phone shut down automatically after receiving a mobile phone call on 19 May 2017 around 1 pm . For the first few rings, the blackberry phone was working normally , however after that no sound was audible from the phone, though the number starting with 7 was being displayed.
However when the domain investor started speaking on the phone, the phone was shut down automatically, remotely by NTRO,
After the mobile phone was restarted there was no record of the last mobile number from which the call had been made, indicating that NTRO, R&AW are also deleting/modifying the call records on the blackberry mobile phone.

ECO Technology Co.,Ltd. offering clones of popular smartphones

Chinese company ECO Technology Co.,Ltd. offering clones of popular smartphones at low prices (just like NTRO clones indian citizens and falsely claims google, tata sponsored SEX workers sunaina, siddhi, frauds are experienced engineers from top colleges to enjoy life time FREE SEX, get jobs for their relatives, friends )

1:1 Clone smartphones hot selling….


Samsung S8 Quad-core 1+8GB 5.7inch 3G smartphone Android 6.0,price is 80$/pcs, market price of original more than $1500


Samsung S7 edge Quad-core 1+8GB 3G call smartphone,price is 76$/pcs


Samsung Note 7 edge Quad-core 1+4GB 3G call smartphone,price is 72$/pcs


iphone 7 plus Quad-core 1+4GB 3G call smartphone,price is 59$/pcs


Huawei P9+ Quad-core 512m+8GB 6.0inch Display Android 6.0 os,55$/pcs


Samsung A97 6.3inch Display 1+8GB 3G smartphone,61$/pcs


LG G5 512+4GB 3G smartphone,45$/pcs

ECO Technology Co.,Ltd.


Mobile:+86 183 1245 3325

WhatsApp: 0086 183 1245 3325

Skype: ecohktech

Wechat: 896749728

Office Add: 4B23,Business Center Building,Zhenxing Rd.,Huaqiang North,Futian District,Shenzhen,China.518028

Factory Add: XinHai Building,Mingzhi village ,LongHua Town,Bao’an District.Shenzhen,China.518131

R&AW/CBI phone interception makes indian citizens avoid phone calls

The diversion of phone calls of indian citizens to R&AW/CBI employees impersonating them has created so many problems that some citizens no longer are interested in talking on the mobile phone .
One aspect of the monitoring/diversion to fraud R&AW/CBI employees is that these employees are modifying the phone calls, changing words to suit themselves which is very irritating . A domain investor is aware of the fact that she is not speaking to the relative or friend whose number appears, the raw/cbi employee is actually speaking
The second aspect is how the mobile phone location is being used to track the exact position of the user, and attack with directed energy weapons causing a very severe headache, great pain.
The mobile phone has become a weapon to attack a domain investor, cause great pain.

Redmi 4A smartphone amazon exclusive

Amazon exclusive

Redmi 4A
Sales opened on 23 March 2017, 12 noon
16GB storage
Snapdragon 425 processor
12.5 cm HD display
3120 mAH full day battery life
Dual sim
13 MP rear camera
5 MP front camera

Affordable price: Rs 5999

Please note that R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employee are not associated with the website, though google, tata, ntro,cbi employees have allegedly duped a large number of people, companies and countries with their fake claims about website ownership

Political parties making a mistake ignoring tampering of cellphones/mobile phones

Indian political parties continue to ignore the complaints of domain investors regarding tampering of mobile phones, incoming and outgoing phone calls by NTRO, not realizing that it could be very dangerous for them. For example in Goa, BJP was saying that congress was slow in forming a government after the election results were announced .
However according to one media report, the congress tried to contact GFP leader on his mobile phone on 12 March 2017, for government formation, and could not contact him because his mobile phone suddenly became unreachable. Allegedly NTRO may have blocked or diverted all phone calls to the GFP leader, making it impossible for the congress leaders to contact him.

So though there is a tendency to ignore indian citizens who complain about phone call,sms diversion, political parties and the media are slow to realize that NTRO can cause them very great harm, especially if the party is not in power . NTRO can hold any indian citizen(like this domain investor) , a virtual prisoner , make it impossible for anyone to contact , steal leads and orders , and cannot be held accountable.

Theft of smartphones

Since the smartphones are expensive, specialized mobile thieves will target the smartphone for theft. Shockingly some of these mobile thieves are government employees, security agency employees who will falsely claim that a mobile kept for charging in an office is to be used for some anti terrorist activity and steal the expensive mobile phone.,

Then these fraud security agency employees who have stolen a samsung smartphone will give it to their SEX partner, relatives like goan sluts sunaina, siddhi, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, and use it for impersonation frauds.Small business owners and professionals are mainly targetted for mobile phone theft , as their mobile phones are not only expensive, they also contain a lot of valuable business data which can be sold to competitors and others.

The smartphone user has to be careful to prevent theft, they cannot even keep the smartphone for charging when they are out of the room. There are many instances when the smartphone was kept for charging at a shared office, and it disappeared. The mobile thieves are extremely smart, they do not activate the mobile phone that has been stolen, use the spare parts. In some cases, like the samsung galaxy grand displayed above, the stolen phone was used for an impersonation fraud and the thief got a lucrative R&AW job with fake resume, fake investment.

Future demand for cell phones

Based on current trends in future cellphones in India will be classified into smartphones for salaried and well connected people, as their cellphones will not get hacked, and basic cellphone models for others for making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving smses.

It is not advisable for a person who is targetting for hacking by corrupt ntro employees to purchase a smartphone, because these selfish greedy ntro employees are taking a sadistic pleasure in hacking the smartphones to waste the time and money of the cellphone user. As usual, the mainstream media in India is ignoring the problem caused due to ntro hacking the mobile phones of harmless indian citizens, a clear case of abuse of power

There is a some demand for well designed basic cellphone models, with a qwerty keyboard, which are not easily hacked remotely by corrupt greedy ntro employees who are freelancing for large companies, allegedly google, tata. Nokia has reintroduced the 6610 model in keeping with the current trend.