Cellphones have become essential

Though cellphones/mobile phones were introduced only a few decades ago, it has become mandatory to own a mobile phone for many financial and other transactions, at least in India, because the officials formulating the policies are extremely self centred, lacking empathy and do not understand the problems faced by those who are less privileged.

For example banks are sending notifications to mobile phone number which can be deleted by the google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI employees who take a sadistic pleasure in harassing google competitor. Also for making any kind of online payment using a credit card, the OTP password is sent to the mobile number.

So though a person may or may not use the mobile phone for smses, phone calls, they are forced to use the mobile phone if they wish to make any online payment using their credit card or netbanking.

Expensive smartphones

As a google official observed, in India the usage of smartphones is likely to be limited, because only a limited number of people can afford to purchase these mobile phones which are fairly expensive. Only those working in large companies are getting a good salary or earning well, well connected professionals, business owners, can afford to purchase the expensive smartphones which usually cost $100 or more.Most people like broke domain investors subjected to impersonation frauds by google, tata can only afford the cheapest mobile phone available in the market, with the limited funds they have access to

Another major disadvantage of using smartphones is that they are easily hacked and a target for thieves. At most telecom providers, there are customers who are complaining that their balance has got over within a few days, though they did not using for making phone calls or smses. The staff at the telecom provider will tell them that the app which was preinstalled on their smartphone is using up the balance on their mobile prepaid card due to data transfer, and they cannot do anything about it. Either the smartphone user removes all the apps on the smartphone, or using a phone with no internet access.

Cellphone, mobile phone models, trends, features, pricing

In 2017, mobile phones are the most popular electronic gadgets being used, however there is likely to be a major change in the way mobile phones are likely to be used in the future based on observed usage patterns. A vast majority of the mobile or cellphone users are only using the mobile phone for receiving and sending smses, making and receiving phone calls. Many of the younger cellphone users are using their mobile phones for accessing the internet, and these are the major users of smartphones. These smartphones are usually purchased online from popular portals which offer the latest models at low prices.

A look at cellphone, mobile phone models, trends, features, pricing

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